Unlocking hidden value. 
At speed, at scale 

Neuro is an intelligent ‘Enterprise-AI Management Platform’ that manages business and technology functions allowing organisations to unlock greater value at speed and scale.

+ Real-Time Management

Neuro provides on-demand management information and analytics by intelligently automating data extraction and normalisation to provide standardisation and consistency.

+ Management Insight

Neuro provides management insight by analysing and modelling the domain in which it operates, using proprietary statistical modelling and multiple machine-learning methods. This approach unlocks hidden insights and reduces costly remedial rework and management intervention.

+ Outcomes, Goal Prediction and Optimisation

Neuro enables in-depth analysis using proprietary prediction models to deliver meaningful predictions and identify hidden inefficiencies.


Nine ways neuro empowers organisations

AI-enabled management capability is now a ‘must-have’ for organisations just to stay competitive in an increasingly fast-paced market. The opportunities provided by Artificial Intelligence enable organisations to reclaim human capital and amplify capability. Neuro extends your organisation’s reach seamlessly by fusing people and AI together.

+ Enhanced Transparency

Provision of line of sight of information, insight and outcomes connecting C-Level and senior management teams to frontline teams

+ Single View

Integration of multiple data sources to provide a dynamic single view of all data

+ On-Demand Analysis

Improved prediction of outcomes through AI-enabled decision support