Isn't it time for real insight?

The Power of Neuro

Neuro utilises distributed technologies, proprietary statistical modelling and multiple machine-learning methods to solve specific problems, undertake specific tasks and conduct in depth analysis, enabling meaningful predictions to be made and optimised.


Key Features

Neuro delivers a new source of business value by combining a number of key features to enable a highly intuitive and unique user experience


Command Pad

Neuro’s Command Pad provides a real-time at-a-glance view of a user’s world with “Active Intelligence” providing:

+ Direct access to real-time MI and insight

+ Quick view of user goals, their status and relevant information

+ Task monitoring and status updates

+ Direct AI access via mobile, text and voice to ask neuro for specific questions, information, data, insight or undertake specific actions such as setting a new goal

+ Notifications (something has changed), anomaly detection (something is wrong) and predictive insight (something needs to change to meet a goal).

Analytics Pad

The analytics pad provides a full range of analysis capability to understand and analyse data:

+ Full interactive multi-data source visualisation and data mashing

+ 3D data-modelling capability

+ AI assisted data classification

Neuro provides the ability for users to integrate any data source, normalise data across their enterprise, and utilise the best-of-breed technologies to achieve user-defined goals.