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Our journey

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Neuro’s Mission

Neuro provides next-generation autonomous AI-management solutions and is capable of undertaking and managing the majority of day-to-day (management, administration, analysis and operations-related) tasks across the technology and business landscape.

Neuro frees leadership teams up to focus on more effective decision-making and in doing so generates a quantum improvement in an organisation’s ability to deliver value at speed and scale.

Our Story

Every journey starts with a question. In neuro’s case, the question was “how can we use AI to enable an organisation to organisation to amplify capability” To answer, we said “let’s take a different approach to everyone else, cut through the AI-hype and look for real instances of AI being done well in the workplace."

We examined the ‘Marginal Gains’ model used in cycling and Formula 1 in which marginal gains add up to a large and decisive competitive advantage. We decided to focus on micro use cases – small day-to-day problems which AI could solve.

After 6 years of academic and industry research, neuro was born. We believe neuro will do for management as satnav did for navigation.


Our Approach

At neuro’s core is its focus on the primary objective of helping organisations overcome the day-to-day management challenges that arise in today’s digital economy. Neuro approaches this by doing the following:

+ Focus on what really matters to organisations, C-level, stakeholders and front-line teams

+ Simplify complex problems through the application of innovation, imagination and common sense

+ Develop and apply proprietary next-generation methods, models and approaches

The end result is an ability to provide AI-led capability to solve any management challenge.