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neuro supports multiple methods of connection from pre-built connectors to custom integrations to provide fast and complete transparency.

Git Dashboard

How much of your git meta-data do you actually see?

Meta-data about git commits are rarely made accessible. With neuro you can connect to a git repository from any tools that supports the git protocol: Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github, Azure DevOps and more.

You don’t need to install anything, just configure the authentication correctly and we will start examining the commits. If you navigate to the Git dashboard you will see all sorts of charts and KPIs, and you can easily add more from the Board Centre.

You can view aggregated metrics about the git data and track who is making more commits, the number of commits in each repository over time, and where the commits are being made.

You can also add the reports to your favourites and scheduled reports, to view inline with other project data.

GIT Dashboard
Git dashboard

Custom Dashboard

We also have commit risk assessment functionality, this is ground-breaking functionality that examines more detailed metrics, like the size of each commit and its entropy. 

We also analyse the developer making the commit, how often have they worked in that repository or file? When we put these metrics together (and more!) we can make a risk assessment for every commit.

Git reporting has never been easier.

We are currently testing machine-learning based detection of the commits most likely to introduce bugs.

We have all sorts of plans for this, including automatically triggering automated tests.

We are looking for beta testers to help us with this… if you want to get involved let us know!

There’s much more you can do with

your custom dashboard

Check out the support documentation within the application.