Connect to your toolchain

neuro supports multiple methods of connection from pre-built connectors to custom integrations to provide fast and complete transparency.

Integrations -

Lifecycle Management

MicroFocus ALM

Retrieve all attributes of requirements, epics, features and defects to neuro. Import all your tests, releases and other data from Micro Focus ALM. Create dashboards and automated ALM reports.

Jira and Atlassian Open DevOps

Track all ticket types, epics, issues and releases. Link multiple Jira instances together. Normalise data. Use advanced filtering to target specific issue types and statuses. Create Jira dashboards and automated reports.
(Pre-built connector)


Sync neuro with GitLab repositories, branches, issues, defects, code and tests. Analyse changes in your code base and create dashboards and automated reports.

Integrations -

Code and Build


Retrieve project data in neuro, build KPIs and smart dashboards with your Bamboo data.


Retrieve and view Jenkins jobs and root data in neuro to gain insight on code quality. See your build dashboards and add them to automated Jenkins reports.
(Pre-built connector)


Sync jobs or schedule build data in neuro and retrieve build information by projects or branch.


Sync jobs or schedule builds data in neuro and retrieve builds information, by projects or branche


Monitor GitHub repositories and commit changes, manage KPIs and gains insight to code quality.

Integrations - Test

Micro Focus QC

Process and sync Quality Center data with neuro. Track test phases, release progress and associated defects and issues.


Sync your Zephyr test data with neuro across projects, releases, test case repositories, execution cycles, test phases and sprints. Create Zephyr dashboards and automated reporting.
(Pre-built connector)



Sync your Xray test data with neuro across projects, test sets, test plans, test executions and test cases. Create Xray dashboards and automated reports.
(Pre-built connector)

Integrations -




Access your Service Now data. Sync incidents and manage your data quality.