Connect to your toolchain

neuro supports multiple methods of connection from pre-built connectors to custom integrations to provide fast and complete transparency.

Data Integrations

Create dashboards and report across Jira, Git, Jenkins, Cucumber, Zephyr, Xray and more

With the neuro favourites and reports functionality you can collect together charts, goals and KPIs from across multiple data sources.

For example:

You might want to report across jira projects or instances

Or maybe add data from testing plugins like XRay or Zephyr.

You can even add automated tests, jenkins builds and git metrics – then render them into a single PDF report

You can also use the same functionality to easily create dashboards that compare different teams, sprints, features and projects.

PDF reports can then be exported for you to share with your colleagues.

Furthermore, you can schedule the automated reports to be sent through email to neuro users at regular intervals.