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Harness your data from your toolchain to create high performing engineering and quality teams

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Key benefits

neuro provides complete visibility of your engineering and quality performance


Close the gap between insight and action to increase velocity. Set user-defined goals to track progress, identify roadblocks and align engineering and quality teams with busines priorities


Deliver consistency across your portfolio. Address the challenge of managing dependencies among teams, especially third parties


Provide rapid reporting across your toolstack. Smart dashboards provide greater insight and remove administrative overhead with automated reporting

How does neuro work?

See how neuro can work for your teams and organisation
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Use cases


neuro delivers across enterprise, digital and agile landscapes to transform engineering, product and quality management. We help leaders eliminate waste, realise value and align decisions with business priorities and goals to deliver results


“I need to be able to manage ‘local tribes’ in my engineering function”

“I never get raw data from my vendor teams but rather their managers’ interpretation of events”


“My teams are never able to give me accurate and up-to-date metrics”

“I need real-time information and insight to make decisions”

Git dashboard


“Managing agile with a deadline in mind is challenging”

“I need forward visibility and reporting of the product pipeline and available engineering capacity”


“Showing the value of my team is difficult”

“I need to understand performance of my organisation and my people”

Fast integration to optimise your existing tool stack

Integrate automatically out of the box with tools such as Jira, Jenkins, and Zephyr to normalise multiple data sets quickly across multiple nodes in real-time. Optimise rather than replace your current tool stack to remove complexity and help engineering and quality teams stay aligned on goals and performance

Words from our clients

Working hand-in-hand with our clients to transform engineering and quality management

COO Nivaura
neuro really helped give visibility to our projects and enabled us to track delivery much more effectively saving us time and money”