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A Story of Two CTO's: How one succeeded, and one did not

Once upon a time, there were two new digital banks, who wanted to change the world. Both had a great vision of the future, amazing technology teams, and visionary CEOs. One day both CEOs asked their CTOs “How long before I get my new digital bank?”

Each CTO had set out their plans carefully and were confident they had a firm delivery date. The first CTO decided to ask each stakeholder if they agreed. Firstly, he talked to his consulting team and asked the lead consultant “When will we go live?” The consultant said “Give me a week and I will consult my crystal ball (sorry spreadsheet) and give you the answer”.

One week later the lead consultant came back to the CTO and announced, “Yes we are green for go-live”. The CTO smiled, and then decided to share the good news with the business. But after further talks with the business, suppliers and other teams, the CTO’s confidence melted away. With every conversation it became clearer and clearer that none of the dots had been joined. Team after team raised reasons as to why they would not be ready in time for go live. The poor CTO then had to explain this to the CEO, along with investors and customers – they would not be going live any time soon.

The second CTO being wise, knew that all that glitters is not gold – and the dots needed to be connected from day one. He didn’t need any more spreadsheets, suppliers or consultants – he wanted a shiny wrapper across all teams and products to provide an un-biased single point of truth. Could there be such wizardry out there – in fact there is, neuro.

neuro integrates with multiple tools, instances and environments preventing the need for spreadsheets. The CTO asked neuro “Will we go live?” and neuro replied “currently you are on track to meet all of your goals”.

The CTO smiled and lived happily ever after – and became a billionaire when the new bank went public. Unsurprisingly, this single point of truth did in fact turn out to be the truth

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The moral of the story: connect the dots and invest in a single source of truth and as ugly as that truth may be, you will always know the status of your projects.

With visualisation, intelligence and automation, neuro can help drive your business by consolidating all your reports into one place. See how neuro can help you connect the dots by requesting a demo today.

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